Guangzhou LIDA Engineering Machinery CO,LTD,( LIDA) is a professional equipment manufacturer for solid and liquid dewatering and separation.formerly named as Guandong Designing Institute of Light Industry P. R. China, was founded in 1988, being one of the initially established large-scale design institutes in China. After the reform and reorganization in December 2002, now has become a limited liability company and also an independent legal entity, with its stock held by BEST CREATIVE CHINA LIMITED, a subsidiary company of Sino Light Corporation.
LIDA is mainly engaged in engineering consultation, engineering design, construction supervision and project general contracting, with its service provided in LIQUID AND SOLID SEPARATION in agriculture & forestry, municipal engineering, food,brewery etc. In these fields, LIDA  holds multiple certifica....


           ·Outstanding Performance
           ·Very Low Consumption

                                    BELT  PRESS 
 ·Stainless Steel or Mild steel construction
  ·Continuous and Fully automatic operation